DontBePatient Intelligence
Your trusted partner supporting R&D and DECISION MAKING with smart data

Applying True Patient Centricity to

  • Engage Patients
  • Support efficient research
  • Increase the PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS from early research to HTA

We Are

experienced Clinical Research Professionals and Experts for Digital Communication and Engagement.  Based in Germany, active around the GLOBE!

We assume responsibility for your success by applying digital/virtual strategies to create REAL WORLD Insights.


We Consult And Advice

on matters of DIGITALISATION, introduction of Devices, Technologies and Processes to apply digital opportunities for the benefit of patients.

DontBePatient Intelligence is your partner for Data Sourcing and Smart Data Interpretation.

We increase the Engagement of Medical Professionals, Patients and Organisations.

We help to set up and professionalise clinical research sites.

We Conduct

Patient Engagement Initiatives resulting in Patient Journey Mapping, Preferences & Perspectives Collection, Expectations Analysis and Trial Participation.

Medical Professionals directed services from stakeholder analysis to KOL identification and engagement during research and market entry.


We Support

Study Planning
  • Mapping of Patient Journeys – understand challenges and opportunities on country level
  • Capture Patient Needs and Expectations – choose the right outcome and ally with patients
  • Test your Protocol -  understand the impact of I / E criteria and procedures & identify mitigation strategies
Study Setup
  • Site scouting and identification – Right countries, right locations
  • You work in a crowded market with a lot of competition – we can help to identify an alternative strategy
Study Execution
  • Awareness Campaigns and Recruitment Services
  • Retention through ongoing engagement
  • Study Exit Surveys
  • Use digital communication to build additional touching points with patients, before, during and after study
Site Optimization

Develop and Professionalize Sites

  • Gap Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Implementation Support

You work with a site and you want to support quality and effectiveness?  Give us a try!

Patient Community Engagement
  • Build a relationship with your target audience early
  • Make Advantage of relationships throughout the development process and after authorisation
  • Positioning - Develop the right story to engage patients
Market Access Argumentation
  • Demonstrate Value  -  collect patient perspective and patient relevant benefit  data
  • Support your value story with Data resulting from cooperation with 1000s of patients

The DBPi Executive Team


Reiner Lehmann, MD



Markus Wenner



Klaus Ackermann


Portrait Dr. Nils Drews, Hamburg 16.05.2019 [© (c) Martin Zitzlaff, Studio Eschenstieg, Hamburg,, MwSt. 7%, Veroeffentlichung nur gegen Honorar (MFM) und Belegexemplar, mit Namensnennung] [#0,26,121#]

Nils Drews, MD


Our Expertise

Digitalisation Consulting    ·   Patient Surveys   ·   Community Management   ·   Patient Recruitment   ·   Engagement with Medics   ·   KOL Identification and Engagement   ·   Integration of Stakeholders   · Scientific collaborations







Allergy and Immunology

Alzheimer`s (Care Giver)


Atopic Dermatitis




Rare Diseases

Renal Diseases

Sleep Disorders

And many more


Case Study: Market Access

  • Identification and Validation of a new outcome parameter. 
  • Condensation of information into evidence.
  • Support of  appropriate study design and input into  HTA Dossier.

Case Study: Protocol validation

  • A/B testing of different constellations of In/Exclusion Criteria.

  • Impact analysis.

  • Protocol acceptance analysis – identification of barriers and options.

Case Study: Geotargeting & Site Positioning

Strategic Identification and aggregation of Patient Potentials – regions with high participation rate in engagement campaigns,  low study site density.

Case Study: Attitudes of medical professionals towards new Treatment

To understand the expectations, experiences and attitudes of medical professionals, a direct-to-medic survey can help –  but is it attractive to the medical professionals?

If you would like to speak with a member of our team regarding our capabilities and experience