Case Study: Attitudes of medical professionals towards new Treatment

These days, Doctors receive a lot of communication besides their patient orientated daily work. They drown in documentation duties and obligations to provide reports, notes and maintain internal documents regarding Quality, Data Protection, Hygiene, etc.

Doctors are sales targets, information sources and desired partners for research and other activities.

In this given situation, how could one get attention?

We would recommend to think carefully about the approach and the content of Medical Professional Engagement Materials.

If you need to capture their expertise,  preference or perspective, it makes sense to develop a story to catch the attention and gain the buy-in of doctors. This has proven to be even more effective then direct incentives.

Gold standard is to work within established relationships – engage professional societies,  use medical liaison managers or sales team contacts or other pathways.

The second and even more important aspect is the goal and the quality of your engagement – let it be interviews or surveys. Coming through the door based on a trusted relationship is one thing,  keeping the door open is a different story. Keep in mind, that most medics do  not like to feel instrumentalized or skimmed off without a goal they consider worth engaging for. In addition, poor

quality questions may lead to rejection instead of engagement.

We are here to help you - developing the right story, the appropriate setting and a quality Questionnaire – based on your needs and specific situation.